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Sparxsys working in making Accessible Drupal sites for JAWS and other Screen Readers

Since last year we are working on websites accessible so that that people with disabilities like Visual Impairment can navigate the site with the help of screen readers like JAWS. We got the opportunity to work with one Delhi based NGO who work for Visually Impaired People.

Sparxsys Drupal Website Revamped Again (with Responsive Design)

For the past few months I was working on revamping this site. There was nothing wrong with the old site and design but I just felt that I should do something different. On of the biggest reason for this revamp is the use of Omega Theme which I really find amazing theme. Not only it is responsive but it also offers lot of regions to put your content. Not only that you can also create more regions with as ease. Just an awesome theme it is and I just wanted to use it on this site. We at Sparxsys are now diving into Responsive Designs so we should have our official site responsive I guess :)


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