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Rehab Monitor

Rehab monitor: is a first of its kind web-technology platform developed in South Asia to promote Interdisciplinary practice in Rehabilitation. The website is an attempt to bring together various rehabilitation professionals to undertake continuous professional education (CPE) modules of 6-15 hours each in Interdisciplinary practice, offer a south Asia regional resource sharing on rehab service mapping, different policy/Practice guidelines in the field of Physical rehabilitation, information on professional associations, rehab education, code of conduct, entry requirements, best practices etc. The Rehab monitor forum and blog section is a platform to initiate meaningful discussions on issues of relevance in rehabilitation. Read stories on Community based rehabilitation (CBR) interventions from the field in the Stories section. The face book page of the website can be visited at Rehab monitor is an activity of Handicap International’s Project “towards disability inclusive development through a strengthened rehab sector” implemented in 4 South Asian countries of India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri-lanka. The project is funded by European Commission. The website aims to reach at least 1000 Rehab professionals in South Asia. To undertake the CPE modules, please register at:

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